Yorkshire Game Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Yorkshire Game supplies fresh oven ready game and specialist foods to the catering and retail trade, operating from an EC export licensed plant (UK2449) in Yorkshire, in the north of England.

Venison, Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge, Wild Duck, Woodpigeon, Snipe, Woodcock, Hare and Rabbit are our most popular products. Most other game species can be sourced on request.

We supply a wide range of customers in England, Europe and beyond with fresh and frozen venison and game birds.

We employ 30 full time staff with another 30 temporary staff in season. We process game and venison to order with attention paid to the correct labelling in the language of the customer.

Our red deer venison comes from stalking estates in the West Highlands of Scotland and is fully traceable. We source roe deer from the border country between England and Scotland.

The game birds are processed on a wax line and we pride ourselves in the quality of the product we produce.