Walkers Non-Such Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Walkers Nonsuch is an independent family company who have specialised in making traditional toffees for over 100 years. All the toffees are simply delicious, as they use only the finest ingredients, full cream sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar, lots of butter and really good chocolate with high cocoa solids!

Walkers Nonsuch range offers traditional toffee bars, Andy Pack 100g and Pocket Size 50g bars and boasts of 14 varieties of Twist Wrapped Toffees. They also have a unique gift range offering Hammer Packs and their newly designed Gold/ Silver range of 400g and 800g bags. These have proved a big success with the duty free outlets in the Middle East.

To accommodate our Export business, we have a variety of bag sizes to suit all markets and to suit different price points in different currencies.

The 14 twist wrapped varieties includes Nutty Brazil and Roasted Almond Toffees – the only manufacturer to actually use actual nibs of nuts on top of their creamy toffees!

We also have 5 varieties of Chocolate Éclairs with real chocolate centres.

The latest addition are the Chocolate Toffees – a combination of high quality pure chocolate (with minimum cocoa solids of 62%) and original creamy toffee. This product satisfies all chocolate cravings, even in hot and humid weather, without any melting or mess!

Walkers Nonsuch Toffees is simply famous for it’s unbeatable taste and quality!