Ty Nant Spring Water Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd is the internationally renowned, multi award winning bottled water producer famed for its iconic packaging and cool refreshing taste.

The company’s flagship brand, Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water, which comes in both still and lightly carbonated variants, is available in iconic cobalt blue and crimson red glass bottles (750ml, 330ml and 250ml)

Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water’s still variant also comes in curvaceous PET bottles (500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre)

Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd also produces TAU Spring Water in chic minimalist clear glass packaging with monochromatic labeling. TAU Spring Water is available in both still and sparkling varieties in 750ml and 330ml bottles.

Both Ty Nant and TAU are bottled at separate sources in the tiny Welsh hamlet of Bethania, nestling in the rugged landscape of the Cambrian Mountains, surrounded by gurgling streams, thick forests and swirling mists. Remote and unspoilt, far removed from all possible contaminant both Ty Nant and TAU are drawn from sources buried deep within organically managed land.

Our attention to detail and quality control is second to none. Stringent organic principles have been applied to the management of the land and our expert monitor output to ensure that it contains exactly the right combination of naturally occurring elements and our exacting quality standards ensure we exceed all legal parameters.

Available in over 35 countries worldwide, both Ty Nant and TAU can be found in the world’s most exclusive hotels, fine dining restaurants and stylish clubs and bars as well as gourmet retailers.

Ty Nant has even become a familiar feature of many of the most prestigious social, sporting and cultural events such as Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, the BRIT Awards, London Fashion Week and the Artois Championships. In addition Ty Nant regularly lends its unmistakable style to numerous films and TV shows.

Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd has always taken a totally uncompromising attitude towards product quality and design excellence. Not only has this made it extremely popular with health and style conscious consumers, but it has also won more than its fair share of industry awards.

No wonder demand for our deliciously pure and stylishly presented bottled waters is increasing rapidly and steadily.