Tulip Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Tulip Ltd is the U.K. subsidiary of Danish Crown, and is one of the leading exporters of frozen pork to the Far East and Europe. Our major markets include Japan, Poland and Germany. We are also the largest producer of pork in the UK providing a vast choice of products to both the retail and foodservice markets. We pride ourselves on creating high quality food from farms in both the UK and Denmark with our commitment to quality and care exceeding many recognised industry standards.

We are owned by a Danish Co-operative, Danish Crown, which is the largest pork producer in Europe and the biggest exporter of pork in the world.

Today, Tulip Ltd has 20 sites throughout the U.K. employing around 9000 staff. We care deeply about our people and look to deliver consistency on both quality and service. Our capability for market research and insight helps us deliver key market trends to our customers with regards to consumer behaviour, packaging formats and environmental concerns.

When it comes to technical quality, Tulip Ltd meets all national and international quality standards, and abides by Danish and British Quality Assurance. We are accredited by the Quality Bacon Standard, EFSIS and British Quality Assured Pork. We also produce free range, organic and Freedom Food accredited pork.

Tulip Tipton Site
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