Tryton Foods (Aunt Bessie’s) Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

I’m probably most famous for my delicious light and crisp Yorkshires but I am always looking at new ways of making meal times even better. My team and I have now created a whole range of delicious dishes that taste and look as good as if you made them in your own kitchen. Just like home-cooked food, they only contain store cupboard ingredients so try my new, bigger Best Yorkshires or my new delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Yorkshire Puddings: Everyone loves Yorkshire puddings. In fact, they were voted the UK’s favourite food in a national poll this year – which made me very proud! My puds are so light and tasty, don’t just save them for a roast dinner. They are brilliant with chops, sausages and even as part of a vegetarian meal. Go on, spoil yourself!

Potato Range: Everyone has a favourite way of cooking a potato, whether it is a crispy roast, a creamy mash or a crinkly chip. Now it could not be easier. You’ll find all your favourites in my range and you will be guaranteed a perfect result every time!

Vegetable Range: I think the right choice of vegetable can really make a meal, especially if they have been cooked with a little extra love and attention. That’s why I’ve honey-glazed my roast parsnips and made my Carrot & Swede Mash with real butter. It’s these little touches that keeps them coming back for more!

Main Dishes: My Main Dishes range has lots of delicious dishes for you to try, and they are all the better for their convenience. Try one of my pies, made from succulent pieces of meat in a rich gravy, with gorgeous shortcrust pastry. Or why not indulge in a delicious toad in the hole – sausage or vegetarian!

Traditional Puddings: What better way to treat you and your family than with a piping hot apple crumble or pancakes topped with lemon and sugar or lashings of golden syrup? You just cannot beat the fact that, when it comes to puds, it’s traditional dishes like this that warm all our hearts.

Home Bake: There is no better smell than home baking and there is no better taste than a warm scone covered in strawberry jam. Now you can have both anytime you like with my ready-to-bake range. Just pop straight from the freezer into a heated oven and enjoy!

Ready Meals: There are times in all our hectic lives when, much as we would love a hot, home-cooked meal, there just isn’t the time to prepare it. Treat yourself with one of my traditional ready meals – like my traditional Family Cottage Pie topped with creamy mash.

Savoury Additions: Add that little ‘extra’ to a meal with the help of my wonderful stuffing balls and dumplings. The stuffing balls are perfect with roasts or as an accompaniment to pork or lamb chops, while my dumplings add the finishing touch to any kind of casserole or stew.

Chilled: If you haven’t already noticed, I’m now in the chiller cabinet with my Aunt Bessie’s Chilled Yorkshire Pudding and Pancake Batters. Perfect for making an instant sweet treat or, by pouring the Yorkshire pudding batter over sausages, making a home-made toad-in-the-hole.

Sweet Additions: There is no better way to make a pudding absolutely perfect than with wonderfully creamy custard. Whether poured over fruit pies or sponges, or even, with the addition of a little brandy, served up with the Christmas pud, there really is nothing that beats it.