Tiger Tiger Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

A World of Authentic Flavours

With over 30 years experience in servicing the Ethnic market, JK Foods – a division of Hyperama PLC – developed the Tiger Tiger brand becoming a symbol of quality and authenticity. Working in conjunction with chefs local to China, India and Thailand, the Tiger Tiger development team travelled across the lands of Asia, taking in the vast flavours and aromas of traditional street side cookery to the time honoured cuisine of authentic restaurants of Asia’s capital cities. We have proudly perfected these traditional flavours to a restaurant quality taste in all of our products, sourcing only the finest ingredients from the Far East.

Increasing consumer demand for Ethnic foods prompted the expansion of the range from its beginnings. Servicing foodservice as well as the retail market, Tiger Tiger is constantly developing innovative and unique additions to its range to satisfy the needs of consumers and helping to push forward the boundaries of the Asian foods frontier, becoming one of the widest eastern food ranges available in Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Tiger Tiger introduces its newest line, Nutties, dry roasted peanuts with a unique coating infused with Asian flavours; Wasabi, Thai Chilli, Tom Yum, Coconut, Thai Herb and Lemongrass, Ginger and Soy.

Tiger Tiger – bringing you the best, without compromise