Rude Health Foods Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Rude Health Organic Foods was set up by four food lovers in 2005 to make the ultimate breakfast cereals. This means that everything we make is scrumptious, wholesome and nutritious organic food – sourced from sustainable, and preferably local, suppliers. We combine the highest quality ingredients with the most innovative and well-balanced recipes, so that our breakfasts are really worth waking up for. We believe that once you have tasted Rude Health cereals, nothing else will do.

We use only the best organic ingredients so there is no need to add anything to our products – that means no added salt or sugar, no artificial flavourings or preservatives or other nasties to any of our food.

Everyone should have a choice of cereals, so most of our food is wheat-free, some is gluten-free and some nut-free. There are no GM ingredients and no artificial ingredients at all.

All Rude Health foods are certified by the Soil Association as 100% Organic which means that all the ingredients are organically grown and GM free. Rude Health offers the only complete range of organic cereals.

We are trying very hard to use environmentally friendly packaging. Our bags are all made from wood from sustainable forests and our tubs can be recycled. Our labels are now made from biotak, which is completely biodegradable.