Pukka Pies Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Pukka Pies is a privately owned family business and was founded by the present Company Chairman in 1963. We now employ 250 people and make some 40 million pies and pasties per year. Pukka Pies operates in stringently hygienic conditions from the most modern pie production facility in Europe.

This family business has a totally loyal and conscientious staff. This is the company’s strongest asset and many people have worked 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years for the company. The Directors make job security a central objective of the business and have never made anyone redundant or put anyone on short time.

Staff benefits include company pension scheme, annual pay review and a Christmas bonus as well as private health insurance. Each year we have a Christmas party to which we invite the whole staff and their partners. Pukka Pies pays all its suppliers strictly within 7 days of being invoiced.

The Product and Service
– The character of the Pukka Pie is a full succulent filling in a light puff pastry. The steak and kidney pies contain large chunks of tender steak, and the chicken and mushroom pies contain large pieces of succulent chicken with sliced mushrooms
– Our range includes: pies, pasties, sausage rolls and catering sausage as well as frozen puff pastry. To view our full product range click here
– Pies are single portion and available: medium or large; frozen baked (wrapped or unwrapped); chilled (if within our own direct distribution – approx 90 mile radius of Leicester); frozen unbaked
– Pukka Pies are consistent – the product is always the same, every time the customer opens the box – the same
– People genuinely enjoy eating Pukka Pies and most importantly of all come back to buy again and again
– Pukka Pies are available to the trade nationwide and in Europe. Telephone 0116 264 4004, click on trade enquiries on the menu or email info@pukkapies.co.uk

There is a complete support package for retail outlets selling the Pukka range of products:
– Point of sale material – posters, open and closed signs, banners and outside signs, all available free of charge to trade customers
– Sample packs – to potential new trade customers not presently selling our pies
– Technical back up – from heating instructions to nutritional values – simply contact us and we will help you

The Ingredients
– Pukka Pies has its own butchery and only uses young lean bullock beef cut from the forequarter
– Beef only comes from EC approved plants. Pukka Pies audits its own suppliers including site visits where appropriate
– The company’s policy is not to use genetically modified ingredients – and does not use them in any of its product range
– Ingredients are inspected against specification on delivery and each supplier’s performance is monitored. Tremendous care is taken to select the highest quality ingredients for Pukka Pies.