Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

At Pecan Deluxe, we always start with one key ingredient – imagination. Since 1950, we’ve put our talents to work developing innovative ingredients for a wide variety of industries. Our efforts have resulted in a company that is known not only as a premier supplier to the ice cream industry, but as a definitive source for quality ingredients that surprise and delight.

Pecan Deluxe ingredients are used by the following industries:

Our products include:
Designer Choco Bons™ Nut crisps, toffees and candy crunches
Praline Pecans

Cookie Dough

Praline Seeds
Soft Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate coated items

Cheesecake cubes (6mm)

1 gram chocolate shapes
Fudge in 3/6/9mm dice
Baked items
Honey-roasted nuts
Brownies in 3/6/9mm dice
Sugar-free ingredients
Caramel Truffle Cubes

Barrier coated biscuits/marshmallows/meringues.