Livestock & Meat Commission for Northern Ireland Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC)
LMC is an integral part of the agricultural industry in Northern Ireland; it was founded by Statute in 1967 and is responsible for the provision of services to the Northern Ireland beef and sheepmeat industry, and with advising Government on matters relating to the sector. LMC is a Non Departmental Public Body and therefore is part of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) ‘family’ in Northern Ireland.

LMC is at the centre of the Northern Ireland red meat industry supplying information right across the supply chain. LMC services the Northern Ireland red meat industry by delivering up to the minute market insight allowing those involved in the industry to make informed decisions about their business. LMC also educates the consumer about the true nutritional value of red meat in the diet and promotes beef and sheepmeat in the home and export markets. LMC manages the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme and the beef and sheep classification service.

Our focus is on profitable management in the industry – which is more than just efficiency to support producers and processors.

Our mission is to maximise the return to the Northern Ireland economy from its beef and sheepmeat industries and we do this by providing quality information and marketing initiatives.


Farmed in harmony with the environment our grass fed beef and lamb are lean and tender, healthy food with uncompromising taste appeal and an international reputation for its succulence and texture.

The Northern Ireland red meat industry is highly flexible and responsive to demand. The integrity of our supply chain is ensured by internationally recognised quality and safety standards supported by research and development from Government and commercial collaborations. Our reputation rests on an EN 45011 Farm Assurance System, which qualifies Northern Ireland beef and lamb to carry the red tractor logo ( the UK Quality Standard).

Northern Ireland farmers set high standards, taking enormous pride in the way they care for their animals and manage their land. Innovative practices ensure our industry is competitive delivering choice, quality and value – exactly what the discerning customer wants.

Environmental Standards

Northern Ireland is part of the island of Ireland – the ‘Emerald Isle’ an island lying in Western Europe surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the north, west and south and the Irish Sea on the east. Renowned for its mild yet wet rainy climate Northern Ireland boasts a unique landscape of lush green fields, rolling hills and low mountain ranges.

When in Northern Ireland, you are never more than 80 miles from the sea and a coastline offering golden, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, hidden harbours and bays. The lakes and rivers, the coastal views and ever-changing sky-scapes that are so much part of the landscape.

The weather is not predictable, but then much of the beauty of the landscape is due to the changeable climate. The temperature rarely falls below freezing due to the tempering Gulf Stream winds which buffet the west coast of Ireland along with the maritime air – a thriving fertile island with an abundance of green, natural and wholesome grazing land.