James T Blakeman & Co Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

James T Blakeman & Co Ltd is an established market leader in the production of sausage and meat products for the catering industry.

Industry Awards
The Manufacturer of the Year Awards 2006
Finalist IT Category
Food Excellence Awards 2006
Finalist Meat & Poultry Section

Production Facility
Its manufacturing plant is widely regarded as amongst the most efficient in European. It is one of the first food manufacturers in the country to offer instant time traceability. Approved to Efsis Higher Level
UK – Catering & fast food industries. Specialist supplier to the Fish & Chip trade
Export – International ex-patriot communities
Product Range
Raw, chilled, frozen and cooked sausage and meat products
Twenty-five varieties including Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Pork and Coriander and the fish & chip shop’s favourite, ‘Supreme’ sausage. Blakeman’s also supply the traditional ‘linked’ sausage.

Industry association memberships
British Frozen Food Federation. Institute of Meat. Fish Friars Federation

James T Blakeman (Services) Ltd

James T Blakeman (Services) Ltd is a cooking and cold storage specialist. Its industry leading cooking plant supplies sausage and meat components to the airline, food service and ready meal markets. It also offers a contract cooking service.
The cold storage facility services clients with national and regional distribution requirements.

Industry association memberships
British Frozen Food Federation. Institute of Meat.

Production Facility
The 15,000sq ft cooking plant produces over 100,000 standard sausages in an eight-hour shift, from a continuous convection and frying process. Fully equipped test kitchen / presentation room for clients to sample different recipes / sizes of sausage. Clients can also develop there own individual products from meat balls, stuffing balls, patties and sausage of any size and taste. A consultant development chef is retained to fine tune recipes taste, texture and appearance. Independent laboratory tests and constant internal quality control checks ensure the range of deep fried, oven cooked and steamed products achieve consistently high standards.
Approved to Efsis Higher Level.

Cold Storage Facility
Covering 25,000sq ft it is divided into two stores. It has a 5000 pallet capacity, 3500 of which are rented to outside customers. It operates 24 hours, has six loading bays and also provides shower room and catering facilities for regular drivers. Approved to Efsis Higher Level.

Airline meal food service. Ready meal suppliers

Product Range
Cooked sausage and meat products.