Isle of Man Creameries Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Situated on the outskirts of beautiful Douglas Bay, the skilled dairy masters at Isle of Man Creamery are delighted to introduce their award winning Isle of Man Mature Cheddar range of cheeses to new markets beyond the UK.

Isle of Man Creamery is a co-operative of 51 dairy farmers whose herds graze on the unspoilt Iush green rolling pastures of the Isle of Man. Attention to detail, combined with the exceptional landscape of the Isle of Man ensures the production of full flavoured, creamy milk from healthy happy cows. This milk provides the winning foundation to Isle of Man Creamery’s delicious cheese range, the production of which reflects the traditional skills and long culinary heritage of this enchanting island.

All the following flavours are available in 120g, 240g, 400g, 1.4kg and 3.2kg pack options to suit the needs of deli or retail.

Black Peppercorn Cheddar – combining split black peppercorns and Isle of Man Mature Cheddar creates a lively taste experience.

Oregano & Basil Cheddar – Fine Isle of Man Mature Cheddar mingles with fresh oregano and basil to produce an outstanding combination that resonates with the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Garlic & Chive Mature Cheddar – Isle of Man Mature Cheddar is blended with specially selected grown garden garlic and chive to create a fresh, fulsome flavour.

Oak Smoked: Isle of Man Mature Cheddar with the distinctive flavours imparted by the island’s traditional smoking skills. Natural smoking methods give this favourite a rounded smooth taste.

Roast Onion & Sage – The rich, aromatic flavour of sage and slow roasted onion perfectly complements the creamy Isle of Man Mature Cheddar to bring you a distinctively mouth-watering sweet flavour.

Sweet Chilli – A blend of Isle of Man Mature Cheddar with sweet chilli to give delightful warming taste experience!
Pickle – a delicious blend of Isle of Man Mature Cheddar with a crunchy, tangy pickle supplied by The Hawkshead Relish Company.
All our cheese is produced and packed on the island, to give you a unique taste experience.

For further information, please contact Customer Services +44 (0)1624 632000