Fox’s Confectionery Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Fox’s Confectionery is one of the UK’s leading sugar and chocolate manufacturers producing a number of premium quality and well known brands, notably the Fox’s Glacier range, Paynes Poppets, Just Brazils and XXX Extra Strong Mints.

Glacier Range
Fox’s Glacier is a premium quality boiled sweet range manufactured using only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

Fox’s Glacier first launched in 1918 with the development of Glacier Mints followed by Glacier Fruits in 1956 and more recently from 2001 onwards, the range has grown to include more unusual and exciting flavours such as Glacier Dark (liquorice & aniseed flavour), Glacier Garden Fruits and Glacier Intense (a Glacier Mint shell with a soft and strong green centre). New and innovative flavours are now an integral part of the Glacier portfolio.

Real fruit juices are used within Glacier Fruits and Garden Fruits and both are fortified with Vitamin C, while Glacier Mints incorporate natural mint oil.

Fox’s Glacier are the leading, branded, boiled sweets on the UK market with strong distribution throughout supermarkets, convenience stores, Cash & Carry’s, garage forecourts and corner shops. Glacier sweets are also very popular with hotels and restaurants as complimentary sweets for customers.

Paynes Poppets
Paynes Poppets are bitesize pieces of either Toffee, Mint Cream or Raisin covered in delicious chocolate. First launched in 1937 by Paynes, Poppets have certainly stood the test of time and remain one of the UK’s favourite sweets. Poppets are produced in their own unique cartons in ideal portion control pack sizes. As an industry first, each Poppet flavour features four different retro pack designs and as such have become collectable items especially amongst the younger consumer. Poppets are packaged in bright colours for maximum on shelf stand out.

XXX Extra Strong Mints
Can you handle them? XXX Mints are the strongest extra strong mint on the market. XXX Mints were launched in 1987 and have proved to be a major success and have a strong position in the market place. Due to increased demand for the product, multipacks of XXX have now been launched.

Just Brazils
As the name suggests, Just Brazils are finest Brazil nuts from the South American rainforest coated with either luxury milk or dark chocolate. Just Brazils are the UK’s market leading brand and are seen by consumers as “the only” chocolate coated nut and loyalty is huge.

Only the best Brazil nuts are used for Just Brazils. They are harvested from the majestic Brazil nut tree, which can live for over 1000 years, growing naturally in the South American rainforest. Each Brazil nut is gathered by hand, shelled and packed before starting the long journey from South America to our UK site.

Just Brazils make ideal gifts all year round and sell particularly well for occasions such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines, Easter and of course Christmas.