Foodnet Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Foodnet Ltd is a fast growing international food trading and production company based in The Old Grammar School at 3/7 Market Square, Amersham, a property bought and owned by the company’s pension fund. It is interesting that the offices form the old original grammar school of the town, and on renovating the offices the original carvings of initials made by errant schoolboys in the 1600’s were found preserved in some of the woodwork and stonework. These are exhibited within the offices and as the likes of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania went to school in the town, generate much interest from trade visitors.

With over forty-five years of experience in the food trade, Roddy Owen, heads up the company. The rate of growth in turnover and profit has been spectacular but the group have been delighted more than anything else in the loyalty, firm friendships and business relationships they have managed to foster with leading manufacturers, clients and suppliers around the world.

Foodnet has invested in, and is profiting from, the new technology available to the food industry. All over the world Foodnet studies satellite enhanced weather patterns, and is ready at a moment’s notice to ensure crop positions damage in one hemisphere can be rapidly supplemented from the other. As a result of this, Foodnet is fortunate to number amongst its clients, blue chip companies all over the world but especially in the UK. We realise our clients cannot afford to be without quality product and Foodnet has a reputation for delivering the goods whatever the agricultural catastrophe. We like to be trusted and thankfully enjoy a sound reputation.

All our supply companies are fully audited on a regular basis and high calibre quality control is a vital part of Foodnet portfolio.

Extensive business is contracted with vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and rice in IQF, aseptic, canned dehydrated or chilled form, although the main concentration of the business is IQF. We number among our clients, major ready meal and pizza manufactures, baby food and the very best retail packers. We are proud to know they can rely on Foodnet.

Global Trading
Trading throughout the world, Foodnet embraces the historical art of the British merchant venturer, trading products from Spain and Greece to the USA, from Central America to mainland Europe, from Belorussia to the Americas. These are just a few of the trade routes established by the company. As the juice business has developed South America has become increasingly important to the company, together with the Caribbean and China.