Dorset Cereals Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Dorset Cereals is a Dorset-based company, producing award-winning premium breakfast cereal since 1986.

A passion for the simple, honest pleasures of life and a commitment to quality and taste lies at the heart of the business. Feedback from consumers is welcomed to help Dorset Cereals develop and improve, providing the tastiest recipes possible.

Uncompromising in the dedication to finding the very best in quality, the ingredients used are sourced from the four corners of the world. For example, the recipes don’t just use raisins, they use Chilean jumbo size ‘flame’ raisins, which are believed to be the most flavoursome and have become Dorset Cereals’ signature ingredient.

The ingredients are then carefully blended and balanced to ensure the right amount of fruits, nuts and seeds for the perfect taste in each recipe. The special blending process keeps the ingredients as whole and with as little ‘dust’ as possible in the pack.

Nothing is added to the recipes unnecessarily and all are kosher, approved by the Vegetarian Society and high in fibre.

With 8 recipes now in the range, Dorset Cereals exports to over 70 countries including the U.S, Canada, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Israel.