Dale Farm Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Dale Farm is the largest dairy business in Northern Ireland and the core in the United Dairy Farmers group. The Group has widespread dairy interests which span the entire sector, including the collection of over 1 billion litres of milk per year from local farms and the processing of a wide variety of specialist dairy products.

With a presence in every dairy category, food ingredients, food service and retail, Dale Farm supplies the UK, Irish and world market with a comprehensive product range. This includes milk powder, whey powder, cheese, butter, spreads, cultured products and liquids.

The company’s award winning Ingredients and Export division supplies export brands such as Gold Star and Ludu to over 45 countries worldwide. Dale Farm continues to supply and support an ever expanding customer base whilst constantly seeking new partnerships and market opportunities. Customers include the bakery, confectionary, ice cream, milk, meat, ready –meal sauce and cheese processing industries.

For the UK and Irish markets Dale Farm produces a large portfolio of top selling products under its brands Dromona, Dale Farm, Spelga, Rowan Glen, Loseley, Lakeland and a selection of own-brand products for key customers. Dale Farm’s consumer products can be found in every major supermarket chain throughout the British Isles.

Dale Farm continues to be a market leader, supplying both the local and international markets, with a range of premium dairy products.