Dairy Crest Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

The UK’s leading dairy foods company, supplying premium, specialty cheese, butter, dairy spreads and milk shakes in over 40 countries worldwide. Key brands include: Cathedral City -the UK’s No.1 cheddar, Hartington Blue Stilton, Wexford Irish Cheddar, Country Life butter, Clover, Utterly Butterly and Vitalite spreads.

Dairy Crest’s cheese portfolio includes:
– Cathedral City : the UK’s favourite cheddar
– Traditional cheddar brands: Wexford, Davidstow, St Ivel
– Hand-made Fruit cheeses including White Stilton with Cranberries or American blueberries, White Stilton with Lemon or Apricot
– Specialty Cheeses: Heart Of England, Stilchester, Sturminster, Wine Derby, Sage Derby
– Farmhouse Cheddars & Territorials: Oak Smoked Cheddar, Top-hat Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester and Cheshire
– Traditional Blue Stilton from the oldest Stilton creamery in England.

Dairy Crest also produces some of the UK‘s leading butter and dairy spread brands:
– Country Life Butter – the UK’s No.1 butter made with freshly churned cream
– Clover – the UK’s No.1 dairy spread, churned with fresh buttermilk to give a unique buttery taste but with half the saturated fat of butter;
– Utterly Butterly – a great tasting buttery spread that spreads straight from the fridge, with 70% less saturated fat than butter
– Vitalite – full of sunflower goodness with added vitamins that are popular with growing families.
– Willow – a margarine that has all the traditional cooking and baking features of butter, but with the benefit of a spread.

Dairy Crest also manufactures flavoured milk shakes under the Frijj brand.

Dairy Crest products are sold throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Middle East and Asia.

We pride ourselves in being category leaders in dairy foods and offer our customers our wealth of product knowledge and marketing know how.