Coombe Castle International Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Coombe Castle International is a leading exporter of award-winning British dairy products including West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, “Dorset Drum”, “Royal Blue Stilton”, “Hawes Wensleydale”, speciality Artisan cheeses, “Double Devon Cream” and “Double Devon Cream Butter” to name just a few.

We export this fine range of cream, butter and cheese worldwide and now have growing demand from UK retailers, distributors and food service operations. Coombe Castle’s expertise and passion in taking Dairy products to foreign shores has been recognised with their latest major award, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2007, the second time this small family firm has won this coveted award which is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a company by the British Government.

Coombe Castle’s sister company, The Devon Cream Company, has increasingly grown in size and now produces Double Devon Cream, Clotted Cream and Clotted Cream with Brandy which are exported throughout the world. These products have an extended chilled shelf life of 12 months and are beautifully labelled and packaged in glass churn-shaped jars thus making them fully recyclable.

We have a dedicated team of staff that use their own personal expertise in shipping, marketing and sales to work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure that Coombe Castle provides an excellent support network and that our quality of customer service is first rate.

The Cheeses

Artisan Cheeses including Stinking Bishop and Slack-Ma-Girdle from Charles Martell, Bishop’s Blessing and Somerset Rambler from Monastery Cheese, Single Gloucester & Double Gloucester from Jonathan Crump, Garlic Yarg and Cornish Yarg from Lynher Dairy and Wyfe of Bath from the Bath Soft Cheese Co. offer customers a point of difference for their cheese display.

We offer award winning West Country Farmhouse Cheddar from Keens, Denhay, Quickes, Parkham and Coombe Farm in various sizes and shapes. Dorset Drum is a fantastic cheese that makes an ideal gift and looks great on any cheese board; romanticise by cutting the drum in half and spooning out the cheddar contents.

Our Royal Blue Stilton has a beautiful creaminess and is very attractive, its blue veins radiate outwards towards its crinkly crust and it has the prized smooth honeyed flavour of traditional Stilton.

We offer a full range of regional cheeses including, Wensleydale, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derby, Double Gloucester and Red Leicester and our selection of blended cheeses includes Sage Derby, Saxon Shires, Double Gloucester with Chives & Onion and Cheddar with Claret in assorted sizes to suit any retailer or distributor.

Hawes Wensleydale, producers of real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, supply us with various innovative fruit blends including Wensleydale with Cranberries, Wensleydale with Blueberries and Wensleydale with Apricots alongside traditional cloth-wrapped Real Wensleydale and also Blue Wensleydale. Hawes Wensleydale Dairy also produces Abbot’s Gold, a delicious blend of creamy cheddar and caramelised onions – an amazing burst of flavour.

Long Clawson Dairy are renowned the world over for producing the best Stilton cheeses – from traditional Blue Stilton and the more mellow Mature Blue Stilton to the very mild, fresh flavour of White Stilton. Savoury blends like Cotswold and Huntsman and fruit blends like White Stilton with Mango & Ginger and White Stilton with Strawberries adds depth to their range and look great in any cheese counter.

Irish Cheeses including Porter Cheese from Cahills and Carrigaline add a point of difference to the cheese counter whilst Red Dragon, Harlech and Tintern from Abergavenny Fine Foods in Wales are beautifully labelled and enrobed in colourful wax to make an eye-catching and striking display.

We also love to develop innovative new cheeses; latest cheeses include Sticky Toffee – a truly indulgent blend of English cheese, toffee, dates and raisins, Moroccan Spice – a “Moorish” blend of English Cheese and harissa and Cerise – White Stilton has been blended with luscious dark red cherries to produce this decadent dessert cheese.

The Devon Cream Company

Coombe Castle International produces extended life Devonshire creams under our brand, The Devon Cream Company.

The range includes traditional Double Devon Cream, luxurious Clotted Cream and Clotted Cream with Brandy, all in 100% recyclable 170g and 454g glass jars, all beautifully labelled and all with an extended chilled life of up to 12 months. For foodservice buyers we also produce a 28g jar, which is ideal for portion control, and a 1kg plastic tray, which has a 6 months chilled shelf life and has been found to dramatically reduce wastage in busy kitchens.

We also produce Double Devon Cream Butter in attractive hand wrapped 227g rolls. A pinch of salt is added to Double Devon cream to produce one of the best tasting butters you will ever sample, this butter has proved a most popular addition to our range and is one that we are very proud of.

Other Products

To complement our creams, butters and cheeses we also export handmade meringues and traditional Scottish Oatcakes.

Hand piped Meringues, available in many various sizes are a crispy sweet partner to the Devon Cream Company creams and are an easy way to make an attractive and tasty dessert, they fly off the shelves when merchandised together.

Highland Scottish Oatcakes have been specifically developed to complement our Highland Scottish Cheddar Cheese but are equally delicious with other cheeses and cheddar blends such as Abbot’s Gold.