Community Foods Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Community Foods was established in 1971 and is now Britain’s expert in the procurement, sale and marketing of organic and conventional dried fruit, nuts, seeds, pulses, grains and branded health foods. Community also distributes a large range of branded goods such as Provamel, Green & Black’s, Ecover and many others, some that we exclusively represent the UK, including Crazy Jack, Sanchi, Orgran and Nature’s Path.

Crazy Jack is Community Foods own retail brand of Organic products. A range of over 120 top quality, pure organic dried fruits, nuts, pulses, seeds, rice’s and snacks to select from. This range reflects all the years of experience we have in sourcing and encouraging the development of organic production. Crazy Jack represents the best organic quality you can buy. Much of the product is supplied through the Good Food Foundation and other similar projects that we have been working with for many years. The range includes many firsts including the first organic apricots in the UK (delicious, no sulphur!), our award winning organic Marzipan and most recently the first Fair-trade Organic Himalayan Basmati. We are really proud of Crazy Jack Organic and all that it represents for the suppliers and communities that work to supply us and subsequently, you. See what we do at

Sanchi is a premium range of Japanese foods made in an uncompromising traditional manner from the highest quality ingredients and methods. To give you an example, our Sanchi Tamari (wheat free soy sauce made with barley and soya beans) is naturally fermented in cedar wood barrels for a minimum of 18 months. It is extremely rare these days to find manufacturers who still produce in this traditional, but high quality way. We won the Daily Mail organic new product of the year award with Sanchi Tamari when it first gained recognition in the trade. Our products are based on the macrobiotic principles of food production. The company who makes our product were the first Japanese food manufacturer to obtain organic certification in Japan in the 1980’s and we were the first company to introduce organic versions of our traditional products at that time. Our uncompromising views on quality of production, and ingredients means that you can enjoy unsurpassed flavour at anytime. See what we do at