Clearspring Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Clearspring is a privately owned UK company established in the 1980s to distribute great tasting traditional foods that support good health, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide economic stability for producer communities.

The Clearspring Brand Promise:

  • Organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods.
  • Authentic and traditional foods by master artisan producers.
  • 100% vegetarian/vegan.
  • Wholesome and delicious foods for good health.
  • No MSG, artificial additives, colourings, preservatives or added refined sugar.
  • Ethically sourced foods which support producer communities.
  • Made using environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Green Tea
The exceptional flavour of Clearspring Japanese teas comes from careful organic cultivation, special preparation and packing the tea bags in foil directly on the estate.

Special Japanese Foods
Clearspring offers an extensive selection of the finest Japanese foods, made to traditional recipes by experienced craftsmen.

Clearspring offers a range of flavourful miso varieties, all traditionally made in Japan.

Rice Cakes & Crackers
There is nothing quite like the taste of Clearspring’s authentic Japanese wheat-free rice cakes & crackers.

Sea Vegetables
Explore a new world of culinary creativity! Clearspring offers a flavourful range of low-calorie, mineral-rich sea vegetables from both Japanese and Atlantic waters.

From specially selected, ready toasted Sushi Nori to our Organic Sushi Rice, Clearspring offers everything you need to enjoy Japan’s most famous dish at home.

Soba & Udon Noodles
Quick to cook, delicious tasting and easily digested, Clearspring Organic Oriental Noodles are a satisfying and versatile food

From the full-bodied richness of soya sauce to the gentle tartness of rice vinegar, the taste of each Clearspring Japanese seasoning is both distinctive and delightful.

Clearspring imports top quality, traditionally brewed sake directly from producers in Japan.

Cold Pressed Oils
Clearspring organic oils are cold pressed, unrefined and full of flavour.

Fruit Purée Desserts
You will be surprised by the full, fresh flavour of Clearspring Organic Fruit Purée Desserts.

Balsamic & Wine Vinegars
Clearspring traditional Italian vinegars are organic, wood aged, preservative-free and full of flavour.

Snack Organic
Clearspring is proud to introduce Snack Organic: a range of bean, seed and nut snacks that are delicious, healthy and entirely organic, as well as gluten free.

Spreads & Sweets
Clearspring offers a range of wholesome spreads, desserts and sweets made using fruit juice or grain sweeteners rather than added sugar.

Sea Salt
Honouring the methods practiced by the Romans over 2000 years ago, Clearspring’s Traditional Sea Salt is hand harvested in the Ria Formosa nature reserve in Portugal’s Algarve shores. This sea salt has a very clear and whitish colour but is totally unrefined, and therefore has a greater range of the minerals found in sea water, such as calcium and magnesium. Dried only by wind and sun it is naturally moist, retaining all its original goodness.