Chocca Mocca Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Chocca Mocca Chocolates – a range of high quality, uniquely packaged chocolates for the gourmet end of the market. This is chocolate consumption of great taste and stylish in every sense. Real Blueberries in Blueberry Chocolate, Real Strawberries & Cream, Nuts and Coffee Beans covered in chocolate….. and much more. Heavenly!

Chocca Mocca 100g boxes – contemporary packaging in a ribboned box. Real fruit pieces in dark, milk or white chocolate. Coffee beans in dark chocolate. Almonds with a touch of chilli in milk chocolate.

Chocca Mocca DARK 100g boxes – with 65% cocoa solids, this is our deliciously dark chocolate range. We have real cranberries, real apricots and an exquisite caramelised macadamia nut all smothered with our fine Chocca Mocca chocolate.

Chocca Mocca Chunky Bars 75g – real strawberries in white chocolate, real blueberries in milk chocolate and espresso coffee beans in dark chocolate.

Chocca Mocca MINIS 25g – our new Chocca Mocca 25g pack. Ideal for hotels and restaurants. Available in two types: Strawberries & Cream and Real Cranberries in Deliciously Dark (65%) Chocolate.
An ideal ‘taster’ pack for new consumers and perfect for snacking.

Chocca Mocca Gift Boxes 300g – two types: Summer Fruits and Fruit & Nut. Each gift box assortment contains four types of Chocca Mocca chocolates (75g of each type). Real fruits and nuts covered in fine Chocca Mocca chocolate.

Chocca Mocca Luxury Biscuits 250g – our Chocca Mocca Chocolate Coated Luxury Shortbread Biscuits come in three flavours:
Milk Chocolate Butter Shortbread
Plain Chocolate Orange Flavoured Butter Shortbread
Plain Chocolate Stem Ginger Butter Shortbread
Packed in 250g tubes with the distinctive Chocca Mocca contemporary styling.

Chocca Mocca Luxury Drinking Chocolate 250g – luxury flakes of dark chocolate to make a delicious hot chocolate drink. Chocolate heaven!