Calling all Fair Trade producers

There has been an explosion of interest in Fair Trade products in Denmark, according to FFB’s Nordic office. Following a recent publicity drive by Danish celebrities, Fair Trade products have been enjoying an unprecedented high profile in the media – creating a demand that is a great opportunity for British Fair Trade suppliers.

Fair Trade Fighters

The recently launched ‘Fair Trade Fighters’ campaign features celebrities including actor Charlotte Munck, singer Annette Heick and famous businessman Asger Aamund, explaining their commitment to Fair Trade and describing visits to Fair Trade growers in India, Nicaragua and Ghana. The campaign has generated a lot of coverage for the organisation, which is having a knock-on effect on sales of Fair Trade produce.

Lidl joins the Fair Trade frayOne of the clearest signs of the growing mainstream popularity of Fair Trade products is discounter Lidl’s announcement in May that it would stock a wide range of Fair Trade products in its Danish stores.

“Obviously, Lidl is well-known for being very price competitive, so it is remarkable that they have decided to do this. It shows a considerable confidence in public demand for Fair Trade,” commented Jakob True, Managing Director of FFB Nordic. “This could represent an interesting opportunity for the large number of British suppliers of Fair Trade goods.”