British Food Heats Up this Winter

Following on from the successful experience had by the British contingent this summer in New York, six companies from the UK will be attending the Winter Fancy Food Show. Taking place from 22-24 January in San Francisco, the Show will give ample opportunity to access the fourth largest market for British food and drink exports.

With the half-year 2005 food and drink exports from the UK worth £385m, the US market is key for British players because one deal can transform a business. The American market has a great respect for British production in general, and perceives traditional goods as being extremely high in quality.

Steve Dawson from FFB’s North American office comments, “It may have been said that we are really one nation separated by a common language, but when it comes to international business, fluency is gained by working with an experienced partner. We’ve helped a number of companies – ranging from big players like Green and Black’s to smaller outfits such as Ford Farm – capitalise not only on the sheer size of the opportunity across the Atlantic, but the desire for product distinction.”

“British companies have to be visible to the North American players in order to be successful. One of the best ways to do this is to attend an exhibition. But because the US is so large, it’s important to choose a region carefully. If suppliers want to target the West Coast, this is the show to be at.”

A Focused Exhibit Showcase will take place at the Show where suppliers can display their products by category. Sales leads are obtained from this activity and the interest it generates and participation is promoted in the show catalogue. Every exhibitor in the British Pavilion will be taking part.

Companies exhibiting as part of the British pavilion at this year’s show include:Alara WholefoodsG Costa (Blue Dragon)The Organic Spirits CompanyNeet FoodsAnglesey Sea SaltNorth Downs Dairy