Berkswell Cheese Producer Shines at British Cheese Awards

A cheese producer from Berkswell has certainly got cheese to be proud of – and that’s official! Ram Hall Dairy Farm in Berkswell has just picked up the Food from Britain (FFB) “Best Export Cheese” Award for its finest Berkswell cheese at the prestigious British Cheese Awards.

With cheese making experience since 1989, Ram Hall Dairy Farm has been exporting Berkswell cheese to the USA, Canada, Japan and parts of Europe for over 10 years, following huge demand for its quality produce. The winning Berkswell, a hard cheese that is hand made at the 16th century Ram Hall, is testimony to the farm’s dedication to quality. It is developed from a traditional Caerphilly recipe using sheep’s milk but has been adapted and matured for four to eight months to give it a unique texture and flavour.

Stephen Fletcher, of Ram Hall Dairy Farm commented: “We are truly delighted to have been awarded Best Cheese for Export in this year’s competition. Our commitment to produce quality cheese for conducting business abroad, coupled with an energy and passion for what we do, has been acknowledged and we look forward to producing more award winning products in the future.”

Judging took place at the Great British Cheese Festival held in the Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham on 21st October 2005 and the award winning Berkswell cheese impressed a panel of industry judges. This is the third year running FFB has sponsored both the Best Export Cheese award and the festival, which helped more than 100 cheese makers showcase over 1,000 different British cheeses.

Jane Wakeling, regional food and drink manager for Food from Britain, said: “It is encouraging that by sponsoring the Best Export Cheese Award for the past three years we have made a real difference to English cheese makers, providing them with a platform to promote and export their produce abroad, which they otherwise may not have been able to do. It’s not surprising that the perception of Berkswell cheese is so positive as Ram Hall Dairy Farm has a reputation for creating some of England’s finest cheese.”