Beacon Confectionery Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Beacon Confectionery Limited is a new force in licensed confectionery. Since 2004 its management team of industry experts have strived to bring new and innovative license opportunities to the market place with great success. Keen to do business, Beacon enjoys one of the greatest success stories of licensed confectionery this decade – from humble origins of a good idea, ‘Me to You’ confectionery is on its way to worldwide stature.

Beacon Confectionery markets Me to You chocolates in the UK and around the world. Made from the finest Belgian Milk Chocolate, there are products at price points to suit everyone.

For the discerning chocolate lover, Me to You Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Assortment 225g hits the spot. With tempting ganache and mousse filled centres this will surely not disappoint.

Maybe a quick treat is in order, in which case you will love Me to You Milk, Dark and White chocolate bars 100g. Made with up to 70% cocoa solids they are premium quality confections.

For the avid Me to You fan our showcase product is a Belgian Milk Chocolate hollow Tatty Teddy bear 100g complete with blue nose. The ideal gift at any time of year.

Beacon has developed a new Milk Chocolate Assortment still made with delicious Belgian chocolate but with less traditional Belgian centres; rich strawberry cream, caramel, orange cream, hazelnut, double chocolate and mocha centres delight. This ballotin box is available in 220g and 110g formats.

Due to its gifting nature, Me to You chocolates are available throughout the seasons. Beacon offers a comprehensive Christmas range including Advent Calendar, gift tin with our 225g Assortment inside, seasonally wrapped Milk Chocolate Ballotin Assortment, festive Hollow Bear and Milk Chocolate Bars.

Easter is key too. In addition to our Tatty Teddy decorated Mug and Egg and our Easter Gift products (Hollow Bear with 4 chocolate mini eggs) we offer a variety of egg and novelty packs.

As the world’s no. one ‘cute’ brand, Me to You is a must for Valentine’s Day and what better gift to tell someone you love them than Me to You chocolates. Equally as sentimental is Mother’s Day when yet again Me to You chocolates can say it all.

Me to You chocolates are widely available in UK stores and are distributed throughout the world. All products are subject to availability and seasonality.