Bar & Restaurant Foods Ltd Food from Britain (FFB) Buyers’ Guide

Bar Foods are suppliers of soups, sauces and recipe dishes to the UK’s Foodservice and manufacturing industries.

Over the last 20 years we have become market experts and have a real understanding of the changing needs of the food industry. Products such as Peppercorn and Diane sauce still remain favorites, but we have adapted to the changing requirements of the food consumers in terms of reduced salt levels, removal of hydrogenated fats and simplification of ingredients declarations.

Sauce & Soup – Our sauce production covers all types of applications: pour over sauces, steak sauces, burger toppings, cook-in, marinades, dips, drizzles, pasta, salad dressings, desserts… to name a few. We cover all flavour profiles from traditional, classic, American, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian… and many more! We have a range of core soup options to suit all menus and can produce soup to specific recipes. We have a wide variety of packaging options to suit our customers

Recipe Dish – Our dedicated recipe dish facility uses the traditional “Sous Vide” cooking techniques, ensuring high quality products. We are able to produce an extensive range of recipe dish product

Coated Products – We produce a wide range of innovative coated products such as cream filled jalapenos and mushroom boats. We also provide classic coated lines such as breaded cheese, mushrooms and onion rings.

Pâté – A wide range of terrines and individual pâté portions to suit all foodservice requirements

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